(1) Basic information disclosure policy

A commitment to ensuring legal compliance as well as acting in good faith according to the highest ethical standard lies at the heart of our corporate principles. We do everything possible to make sure that none of our board members or employees deviate from laws and regulations as well as our code of conduct. However, in the event that we are faced with a compliance issue as a result of any such deviation, our business results may be negatively affected due to actions taken by regulatory authorities, the filing of lawsuits, and the loss of social credibility.

(2) Our Investor relations (IR) mission

Our IR activities are designed to enable shareholders and investors to accurately assess our corporate value. That entails continually providing information in a timely and fair manner so shareholders and investors can make wise investment decisions as we actively work to build better avenues of two-way communication with them.

(3) Our commitment to IR

We believe that it is our duty to provide shareholders, investors, and securities analysts with clear descriptions of our operations, financial standing, and business strategies, as well as other important information about our business, in line with our IR mission. We work to increase opportunities for our management team to speak directly with shareholders, investors, and securities analysts, at earnings presentations, corporate activities briefings and beyond. We also work to enhance our corporate website with the aim of continually conveying important business information in a clear, timely, and fair manner. At the same time, we share feedback and requests from our shareholders, investors, and securities analysts with the management team as well as other employees so they can be used to improve our corporate activities.

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