Dividend Policy

We regard returning profits to shareholders as one of our most important management goals, along with improving profitability through ensuring a sound operating foundation and financial health as well as boosting investment efficiency. Therefore, we determine dividend amounts based on the Basic Dividend Policy below, taking into consideration investment projects and our financial condition (net assets, etc.). (In a fiscal year where there is a significant fluctuation in after-tax profit attributable to owners of the parent due to special factors such as extraordinary income or losses, the dividend amount will be determined in consideration of the corresponding impact.)

Basic Dividend Policy


Realize stable and continuous dividend payments


Dividend payout ratio of 50% or more on a consolidated basis in relation to profit attributable to owners of parent


Standard of a dividend on equity (DOE) ratio of 4.0% (on a consolidated basis)

The decision-making body for dividends of surplus is the general meeting of shareholders for year-end dividends and the board of directors for interim dividends.

Dividend History

Dividend History


11/2019 11/2020 11/2021 11/2022 11/2023
Annual 26.00 18.00 26.00 32.00 55.00
Interim 13.00 13.25 9.00 13.50 27.00
Year-end 13.00 4.75 17.00 18.50


Repurchase of Treasury Stock

Acquisition period Acquisition method Number of shares to be acquired Total amount acquired
March 1, 2019 –
May 24, 2019
Purchase on the Tokyo Stock Exchange 183,900 151,148,800 yen
September 1, 2021 –
August 31, 2022
Purchase on the Tokyo Stock Exchange 700,000 512,924,000 yen
March 1, 2023 –
January 31, 2024
Purchase on the Tokyo Stock Exchange 500,000 shares 595,224,000 yen