Founding Principles

Active and Steadfast

The principles "Active and Steadfast" embody MORITO’s corporate spirit that has been fostered since its foundation. It represents taking the initiative in exercising good judgment and putting it into appropriate action to ensure consistent results. These two ideas serve unwaveringly as our founding principles. It defines the primary stance in our every operation and has led to the successful business we enjoy today. Inheriting these principles and holding them dear, we are determined to make even greater strides in the future.

Corporate Principle



We make available a broad array of parts throughout the world, pursuing a boundless market that transcends product genres.


We give shape to the needs of our customers, exercising authentic craftsmanship and thereby enriching people’s lives.


We demonstrate value-creating expertise from a comprehensive point of view (i.e., in terms of fashion, function, comfort, safety), contributing to the creation of a better tomorrow as one with all our stakeholders.


Corporate Vision

Create MORITO’s existence value, Realize “New MORITO Group”

We will aim to be a company that will continue to grow by creating an environment in which each employee can exercise power and creating new existence value as a MORITO group more than the added value of the products.

Action Principles

1Fulfill our responsibility to customers

Following our customer relationship management (CRM) plan, we develop and provide products and services that are useful for people. We do everything with an eye to quality and safety as well as with full consideration for the environment as we aim to please our customers even more.

2Fulfill our responsibility to shareholders

We ensure the accuracy of our business records and do not engage in any conduct contrary to our legitimate interests or that would damage our credibility and reputation.
We manage our assets (both tangible and intangible such as information, supplies, equipment, and intellectual property) effectively and use them to increase the investment value of MORITO.

3Fulfill our responsibilities to business partners

Viewing our suppliers as business partners who assist us in supplying our products, we hope to earn their complete trust as we keep our procurement process fair and ensure maximum profits to our company.

4Fulfill our responsibility to society

As a good corporate citizen, we act with decency and responsibility in full compliance with all laws and regulations as well as corporate ethical standards.
Positioning global environmental issues among our top business priorities, we will work to protect the global environment.

5Fulfill our responsibility to employees

We respect the individuality of employees, increase their motivation, help them develop skills, and foster a culture that encourages them to take on new challenges. Employees respect each other’s human rights and create a workplace environment free from discrimination.



01Trust and Confidence





The MORITO VALUE defines MORITO’s values, way of thinking, and practices that have been passed down as unspoken rules over the course of our history.