MORITO drives innovation and
value by thinking outside the box

“Active and Steadfast” is the motto we at MORITO have lived by for over 115 years, and it stands behind every garment trim (part), such as eyelets, snap fasteners, and MAGIC TAPE®, we make. After expanding our business beyond the realm of apparel, we now operate across a diverse range of industries that make products that are an intricate part of people’s lives, including school supplies, sporting goods, railway cars, and automobiles.

It’s essential that we create new value to ensure that MORITO continues to grow over the next century. After taking a deep dive into the work we’ve done, we’ll apply what we’ve learned to come up with something new. We will also focus on pioneering new fields and bringing products born from bright ideas and great effort to the marketplace. Creating new value is not just about products though. I believe that it is important that all of us at the MORITO Group think outside the box to innovate and create value in our unique way through structural reforms and greater awareness.

In 2022, MORITO JAPAN CO., LTD., the largest operating company in our group, was split into three companies with different focuses: apparel, products, and transportation. The new MORITO Group was launched with the aim of clarifying responsibilities and authority, making swifter decisions, and engaging in operations in a way best suited to our corporate characteristics and the current business environment. We are zeroing in on these goals all with an eye to increasing our competitive edge and maximizing the corporate value of the entire group. As we move forward and work together across the group to take our business to new heights, we will remain a company that is valued by all our stakeholders at all times and continue to contribute to the society.

We would appreciate your continued support.

Representative Director, CEO, MORITO CO., LTD.

Representative Director,
Takaki Ichitsubo