Logo Design


Design Concept

The letter M expresses the excitement you feel when you experience something new. The logotype that is cropped at the bottom to make it look slightly hidden represents the role we play in supporting various industries and expresses the dynamism of the rising sun.


Where innovation is the norm


We start with an eye to making stress-free products that are just right for users, products that they can find all around them. While at MORITO we seem to just make ordinary parts that tend to blend in seamlessly with the fabric of everyday life, we continually go the extra mile to come up with innovative, user-friendly products that work exceptionally well. This tagline represents our commitment to make innovation the norm.

Concept Movie

Behind the Concept Movie

A project team led by some of our young employees created a concept movie to communicate the essence of the MORITO Group’s tagline, “Where innovation is the norm.” We filmed our staff at work in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Hyogo, and Osaka, as well as some MORITO products that are part of our daily lives. We hope that this movie will inspire you, whether you already know us or not, to learn more about what we do behind the scenes.